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It’s simple.

It’s simple. Your product needs certified or validated packaging.  Navigating the process to get a package certified to a UN or DOT specification is often a daunting task.  Just as worrisome is being told your product needs to maintain a specific temperature range to have your product remain viable. 

HighQ + has the expertise, the product and the facilities to provide you with certified and validated products.  Every day we have clients that don’t know where to start and afraid of how much it will cost.  We find an off the shelf solution for you or if they don’t fit, we can then develop a custom solution in one place rather than the alternative of getting a product to do a test run at the lab which can run into lots of money.

We have a DOT and ISTA Testing Laboratory within our facility to speed up the process.

Courier Products

Delivered pricing anywhere in the lower 48 states 

$249 - $220.50

Courier Totes

  • Transports all three specimen temperatures
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
$649 - $595

Car Caddies

  • Multiple temperature capability
  • High capacity

$62.50 - $58.75

Mini Biohazard Spill Clean-up Kit

The product every Medical Courier should have handy in their vehicleKit includes:

Custom Packaging Solutions

HighQ has become the leader in custom packaging.

Temperature Validated Solutions

Description Here

Custom and Battery Packaging Solutions

We have stock solutions for batteries from small to large corrugated and plywood boxes if you have production, prototypes or damaged and defective batteries to ship.  We also have become the leader in custom battery packaging. There is no such thing as a standard battery anymore so our stock of 4DV plywood boxes can accommodate a large range of sizes.  We also develop custom packages and certify them to US DOT and UN standards for battery packages all within our facility.  Batteries are on everyone’s mind including Government Regulators and Inspectors and you don’t need to risk fines or worse, incidents that can potentially cause a dangerous situation.  You can trust that we will provide you with a product from a certified DOT testing laboratory or international recognized facility.   

Temperature Validated Solutions

Increasingly the FDA, pharma companies and other authorities demand that specimens, drugs, food and other products remain within temperature ranges to guarantee the integrity of these shipments.  We have guided more customers through the validation process than any other laboratory in this space. This gives us the knowledge to narrow down this process because we know what works, what the pitfalls are and how to get to a solution recognized by your clients, auditors and authorities.  Whether you already have your packaging that needs validated or are looking for a pre-validated packaging solution we can get you to a product that satisfies your needs and supports the performance with a report of details, graphs and data.   

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Give us a call and explain what type of battery you have, weight and dimensions and we can direct you to the right packaging or a custom solution so that you have a timeline and budget to get your product shipped.

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