Our Products

HighQ Plus has a wealth of packaging products it has developed over the years for customers and markets. Below are some categories of products available for sell or customization.

Salvage Drums and Spill Kits

Meet US DOT regulations for Salvage Drums for small package spills. These packages are easy to open and close and carry.
Spill kits can be customized to meet your specific needs. Give us a call to discuss what your needs are and we’ll make a kit exactly to your specifications.


Today’ products need to be in packaging that meet the demands and requirements of ecommerce transportation. Amazon and other online retailers have specifications such as ISTA, SIOP testing that companies need to demonstrate their products meet. HighQ Plus has internal testing that can take you through this process in record time. Frequently customers have no idea of the requirements and what will pass. HighQ Plus can save the time and expense of failing in this process.

Temperature Validated Packaging

Having an affiliation with one of the biggest Validation Laboratories has it’s benefits. HighQ has developed and tested packages for many Biotech, Pharma, research, food and other temperature sensitive products. We can develop a package to successfully pass a multitude of external environments for frozen, refrigerated, 2-8C or ambient products. Our experience means that we know what works and have the ability to provide a validated package with graph and data to prove it.